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fix meaning in hindi

Fix {Noun}

स्थापना • नशीली दवाई • बेइमानी • कठिनाई

Fix {Verb}

पुष्ट करना • दंड देना • बेईमानी करना • ठीक करना • तैयार करना • स्थिर करना • दृढ़ करना • जोडना

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  • fix = जोडना {Verb} - Would you please fix this ceramic doll which my son icon
  • fix = कठिनाई {Noun} - By agreeing to his proposal, she has put herself in a great icon
  • fix = दृढ़ करना {Verb} - We should fix the price of material before icon
  • fix = बेइमानी {Noun} - The culprit got away because this case was a icon
  • fix = स्थिर करना {Verb} - Please fix the time for our icon
  • fix = नशीली दवाई {Noun} - A person addicted to drugs needs frequent fixes to remain icon
  • fix = तैयार करना {Verb} - Please fix up a meal for the guests icon
  • fix = स्थापना {Noun} - Please fix the coordinates of our position by icon
  • fix = ठीक करना {Verb} - Can you fix this machine ?like icon
  • fix = बेईमानी करना {Verb} - He is not afraid of law as he has already fixed the icon
  • fix = दंड देना {Verb} - If he behaves funny with youagain, I will fix icon
  • fix = पुष्ट करना {Verb} - This film has not been developed icon

Words that start with fix

fixedfixedlyfixed costsfixerfixityfixatedfixationfixativefixture

Words that start with fix have diffirent meaning in hindi dictionary.

Words that similar with fix (Synonyms)

fagfakefaxfazeFCOfecesfezfiascofigfishfishyfish cakefish hookfivesfizzfizzyfocusfogfoggyfogy

fix word that means exactly the same as another word in the same language.

Information about fix

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